Photo Keepsake Books

So, I am a HUGE Shutterfly fan! I love their products and have created and ordered a huge variety of quality products from their site, from mouse pads to calendars to wall decor.


I found myself wondering what to do with the rather large stack of art and trinkets my daughter has brought home from preschool the past 2 years. I decided to make keepsake books with pictures of her art. This was the perfect way to cherish her creations in a durable and tidy way! The best part? I had a free photo book coupon each time so all I paid was shipping! If you use this affiliate link to try, you can receive 101 free prints: . Enjoy!


They turned out so nice, and I even splurged and got one with a pouch that secures into the book to hold keepsakes!

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Cotton Ball Snowmen

Use an empty container and cotton balls to make a cute Christmas snowman.

Just glue on the cotton balls…

I used an old sock for the little accessories.

Make a little face…

…and done!

Glitter Clothespins

For about a buck a piece, you can make these cute glitter clothespins! Perfect for everyday or use them for the holidays: hanging holiday lights, holding Christmas cards, lots of things!

Cheap Glitter Clothespin | Design Bunnies Inc.

Cheap Glitter Clothespin | Design Bunnies Inc.

Cheap Glitter Clothespin | Design Bunnies Inc.

Cheap Glitter Clothespin | Design Bunnies Inc.


Cheap Glitter Clothespin | Design Bunnies Inc.


Cheap Glitter Clothespin | Design Bunnies Inc.

What are your favorite clothespin crafts?


Spruce Up Your Outdoor Area

Perfect Time to Update Patio | DesignBunniesInc.It’s no secret that Las Vegas summers can be unbearable. For a few months it gets upwards of 115 degreesF. If you get outside early enough, you can spend a few hours in the shade without getting overwhelmed. Having an umbrella makes it so much better! Now is the perfect time to upgrade your outdoor space because many retailers clearance their seasonal outdoor and patio items in July-early August. I have found some great deals in stores. I found this cute umbrella at Target for only $49. I was also able to pick up a cute kiddie pool for about $10! Luckily, hubby was able to drill a hole in our existing table to support the umbrella, too!

Spruce Up Your Outdoor Space!



First Time Users' Guide To Pinterest


I am a bit embarassed to say that Pinterest is by far my favorite website right now. I have discovered so many amazing recipes, blogs, and products because of it. It keeps my bookmarks bar from becoming a blackhole of content I’ll never see again, too! Last week someone asked me how to Pinterest…. they had started an account but had no idea how to navigate the site. I love the simplicity of Pinterest, but thinking back to when I first started, I remembered it took me a while to be able to utilize the site. So, I put together a very simple walkthrough for getting started on Pinterest!

Once you have created an account, you are ready to get started…

Beginner's Guide To Pinterest | DesignBunniesInc.

Your home feed: When you type in: it will take you to a feed of content provided by the people you follow {explained below.} As shown in the above picture, you will see a profile picture in the top right followed by your name. This is your user menu. Here you will be able to access your settings, boards, pins, and help. Next to this is on the left is a “+” sign used to generate content. This process, known as pinning, is explained below. To the right of your user menu is a Notifications Tab to notify you when users follow you or repin your pins. On the left side of the header, you will find a categories tab and search bar to find content from outside your following circle. There is also a Recommended Pins tab under the + sign menu to help you find interesting content.

Beginner's Guide to Pinterest | DesignBunniesInc.

Your boards: Boards are created as a place to “store” your pins. Think of a board almost like a folder. Depending on how much you pin, these might be vague, such as ‘decorating tips’, or super specific, like ‘coral and teal bathroom accessories.’ You can see your boards by clicking ‘My Boards’ on the menu in the top-right screen or visiting your page:{yourusername}/boards . On this page, you are also able to create and organize your boards. Boards can be reordered by simply drag and dropping the board in your desired order. To change the cover of a board, hover over the board cover thumbnail and a ‘Change Cover’ button will appear. Pinterest also has the ability to create secret boards in which the board is only visible to yourself and anyone you invite to pin to it. It will not show up on public features of any kind. This could become useful if you would like to pin with friends, family, or clients who you’d like to share content with. Now that you’ve created some boards, you can create pins!

Beginner's Guide to Pinterest | DesignBunniesInc.

Pin It: When you pin something from a website, you will choose a picture that represents the content you wish to share or hold on to. This picture gets represented in your board and on your followers’ feeds and if you click the image in the pin, it will follow through to your desired content {usually a URL}. There are a few ways you can pin something… Some websites have plug-ins built into their site that puts “Pint-it” buttons right under or even floating on their images. You can also create a new pin by clicking on the little + sign next to your menu bar in the top-right of the page and then choosing either “upload a pin” {to upload content from your computer} or “add from a website” to provide a URL to the content. The third, and by far easiest, way to pin to Pinterest is to install the bookmarklet provided by Pinterest. This will install a button to your browser {probably on your bookmarks bar}. When you want to Pin something – just click “Pin It” while you are on the desired page and your image options will pop right up. You can also re-pin something on your feed or searches by clicking the “Pin” button on the top-left of the enlarged Pinterest post.

Followers: A follower is someone who has opt-ed in to receive your pins on their home feed. You can choose to follow users,  or specific boards. An example of why you would want to follow boards only is: say you are an interior designer and want to find great nursery decor inspiration, you could choose to follow Random Baby Company’s “Awesome Nurseries” board but not follow their company as a whole because you have no need for breastfeeding tips or diaper reviews, only decorating ideas. Pinterest is great because of this user-generated, user-controlled aspect. If you have a business, followers can be a great market to tap into and a great way to expose products. Pinterest saw +1047% unique PC visitors in 2012 and has earned its place among the top social media platforms. Here’s some more interesting Pinterest stats.

This is really just the tip of the iceberg, but hopefully it’ll give you a good starting  point to utilize Pinterest for your lifesetyle: whatever that might be. Maybe, eventually, you can even Make Money With Pinterest! Oh, and don’t forget to follow me while you’re there! Happy Pinning! 😉

Star Smores

Melt chocolate into a baking pan and cool in fridge for 30 minutes. Once slightly hard, use a cookie cutter to achieve chocolate stars. Place stars on top of smores for a great patriotic touch this summer! You could also use white chocolate with food dye for even more fun!

Free 4th of July Card Printable

Free 4th of July printable - perfect for cards at a BBQ! | DesignBunniesInc.

Free 4th of July printable - perfect for cards at a BBQ! | DesignBunniesInc.

I made this 4th of July printable just for you! Simply right click and save as. Free for personal and commercial use, just please don’t sell it 😉 Happy 4th everyone!

Free 4th of July printable - perfect for cards at a BBQ! | DesignBunniesInc.

DIY Uncle Sam Hotpants

DIY 4th of July Shorts from Old Jeans | Design Bunnies Inc.

So, if you’re like me, you probably have more than a few pairs of beat up old jeans laying around. I decided to use Martha Stewart Acrylic Craft & Glitter Paint  to turn a pair of jeans into cute lil’ shorts for the hanging out outside on the fourth of July… these really could be worn anytime, though. This would also be great for kids’ clothes or cheap pants from a thrift shop.


  • Wash your jeans and let fully dry.
  • Cut jeans to your desired length **Be careful, I obviously cut mine WAY too short…I am probably going to sew some fabric or lace at the bottom…you can always cut more off but it’s much harder to add more!
  • Use Martha Stewart Acrylic Craft & Glitter Paint to apply pattern to jeans. I used a star stencil as well.
  • Let dry. My paint was dry to the touch in a few hours but the website said to let the paint cure 21 days. So, I think you’d be safe to wear them, just wait at least 21 days to wash them!



Turn Old Jeans Into Patriotic Shorts | Design Bunnies Inc.Turn Old Jeans Into Patriotic Shorts | Design Bunnies Inc.

Have a great 4th of July and stay safe!


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